Bob and Bryce started the Secondhand Ska Kings in September of 2004 after watching the greatest traveling and hardest working ska band the world has ever seen perform at what is now an empty space next to the Fine Line. Not only did Warsaw inspire the creation of the Secondhand Ska Kings, it continued to drive us all to become hard working musicians (but let’s not go so far as to say we are, in fact, hard working).

In this band we have;

Eric Johnson. He sings, writes songs, writes hornlines to songs, writes lyrics to songs, and plays incredible solos on the trombone.  He’s also the one having the most fun at rehearsals and loves it when everyone is playing Street Fighter.



Bob Strootman. We practice at Bob’s house in his basement. Apparently we don’t sound half bad as his neighbors just came to one of our shows. Bob writes lyrics, writes songs and sings, and he plays trombone.


Matt “Mad Dog” Betrand. Matt’s the workhorse of the band, who volunteers to do things AND gets them done. We would really have no idea who’s next on beer without him, and that’s one of the hundreds of things he does for the band, never complaining or asking someone else to help.  He plays guitar(really well actually) even though his main instrument is Bassoon which he plays for many different orchestras all throughout the world with a focus on Eastern Europe. Almost every rehearsal he gets a phone call from Maestro so-and-so and Madame whats-her-face to come perform.

Dan “Flanders” Arlig.  Loddy gave Dan this nickname after he joined the band, due to Dans unwavering jolliness and enthusiasm.  Dan plays bass and writes songs. Dan refuses to sing, even background vocals. Dan has a big dog and builds violins and cellos for a living.


Ryan “Sargent Private” Lodgaard. Ryan is the rockinest ska drummer around. He coined the term “Marge” for when someone needs a new beer at practice and is a devout Ron Paul fan.




Bryce Blilie. I made this site and write the content. I play trumpet and sing songs when Eric wants a “secret weapon”. The band even made a t-shirt with my face on it that said “secret weapon”. This is the second band I play in that has two trombones. Why?


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