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September 1st, Saturday night, Club Underground, 11pm

*Outdoor event “Northeast Block Party” *12pm – 1am location is at Spring st. and Monroe┬áin the parking lot of Spring Street Tavern *pre sales available *Headlining Acts 12:00 Awkward Bodies 1:15 Maria Isa 2:30 Rocksteady Breakfast 3:45 Sean Anonymous 5:00 Thought Thieves 6:15 Tribe & Big Cats 7:30 Rockford Mules 8:45 Toki Wright Shannon Blowtorch DJ kool Hanz SoSupreme… (more…)

10th-Mar-2009 01:45 pm – Recording and the pursuit of happiness.

Last Friday the Ska Kings headed into the studio with what seemed at the time to be a dubious task. Recording rhythm, horns and vox all in 2 and 1/3 days. Could we do it? At the very least the goal was to get Ryan and Cruzer on tape(disk) as they would be unavailable due to G-Dub’s war. I’m happy… (more…)

Tallgrass Brewing Company presents: Rocksteady Breakfast, Stop Drop, Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus and the Secondhand Ska Kings!

On Friday May 18th the Nomad World Pub, Tallgrass Brewing Company and MNSKA bring you: Rocksteady Breakfast Stop Drop Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus (Michigan) Secondhand Ska Kings $5 21+/ 9:30pm Music

The Secondhand Ska Kings are the unofficial ska band of the MN Stars

  AND we are playing the tailgating party before the home opener on April 7th. You(sir, I’m pointing in your direction) should totally go. There’s going to be free Surly beer and then some great Footie in the Metrodome after that. Also, we’re going to play with a backup bass player named “Tank” The tailgating is free to current and… (more…)

Wait, another gig at the Driftwood Char Bar?

  Oh yes. It’s time again once more once, for a gig at the Driftwood CharBar.Nocover, some beers, and skay. Get on up. Saturday March 24 9:30 No Cover. No Milwaukee Best Special Reserve, because it’s utterly horrible beer.  

Ska Kings back at the ‘wood Feb 10

Yes, it’s true. The massive internet buzz is correct. The Secondhand Ska Kings are playing at the Driftwood Char Bar FRIDAY February 10th, and it’s going to be an amazing, awe inspiring event. Special guests include TBD, N/A, Those other guys, and That One Band with the Singer.(this information subject to change without prior consent or notice) Don’t miss it!… (more…)

New Years Eve 2011 set to be the greatest eve of 2011

We finally got a NYE gig! Will be playing at the Driftwood Char Bar in South Minneapolis on December 31st. No cover? Yeah, no cover and we go on around 10:30 in the pm. Driftwood Char Bar map and details

Triple Rock show triple rocked

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of performing at one of the best live music venues in Minnesota, The Triple Rock. We all got there early thinking we could squeeze in a bit of a sound check before the other bands got there since we weren’t headlining and were going on at 8pm anyways. It was a ton of fun.… (more…)

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